Did you know there is a range of development from building works to change of building use that can be undertaken without any development approval? This type of development is referred to as ‘Exempt Development’ and such development includes the following:


  • advertising and signage

  • aerials, antennae and communications dishes

  • balconies, decks, patios, pergolas, terraces and verandas

  • carports

  • changing the use of a building

  • demolition

  • driveways, hardstand spaces, pathways and paving

  • earthworks and retaining works

  • fences

  • footpath dining and mobile food vending

  • home-based enterprises

  • hot water and solar energy systems

  • privacy screens

  • rainwater tanks

  • shade structures

  • temporary uses and structures

  • waterway structures

This means that Council or Certifier approval is not required if the development meets specific criteria outlined in State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008.


Our Exempt Development reports can identify whether your site is eligible for Exempt Development and the report can either outline all the criteria your development needs to meet or alternatively, we can assess your architectural plans against the applicable criteria to determine whether your proposed development is eligible for Exempt Development.


Our Exempt Development Reports are a useful reference tool that enables you to design your building works or other development to in a manner that negates the need for any Council or Certifier approval. The Exempt Development report is popular amongst many of our clients who simply want to ensure they have taken the necessary steps to ensure their building works are lawfully undertaken without development consent and are often used as evidence to demonstrate to local authorities than development consent was not required.

Exempt Development Reports

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